Kick The Scum Out! If Only To Annoy Their BBC Fans!

The BBC hit a new low today, a sympathetic interview with the simpering snarly sister of two low-lifes…

Freya Valie Roberts

 Freya Valie of the twins’ sisters, said she was “disgusted, upset and insulted” when she heard they were being threatened with deportation.

….both with convictions for GBH.

That’s grievous bodily harm.

A very serious level of assault.

The BBC could have used police mug-shots, but instead chose to portray these vicious hoodlums as playful lads!

Family photo of Darrell and Darren Roberts
Darrell and Darren Roberts

No interviews with their victims, of course!

It’s the Tax Funded Propaganda Channel!

The filthy savages are said to be due for deportation.

Or so it’s said – disturbingly, Priti Patel’s Home Office seems reluctant to get on with it!

…the BBC has seen a notice sent to one of the men that indicates the Home Office does intend to pursue deportation….




They are not British, so it’s time the poor folks of Dominica and Grenada, in the West Indies, get to put up with the dirty thugs.

They have never been there, but that’s tough.

The local authority, in Ealing, London, says the scum had no interest in becoming British – thank God, I hear you say!

They grew up in Britain and never took to civilised life, so why not kick ‘em out!



Frankly, it would be better to put them down, or rather string them up – they are worthless swine, after all!

Sadly that’s not an option!

Had the BBC interviewed most decent British people, or just a representative sample thereof, surely there would be resounding cheers at the prospect of vile vermin getting the boot!

You can read the entire TFPC report via the link below, and have a laugh at their lawyer’s peculiar rant  – and at his photo!

Last word to that sob-sister!

“If they’re going to deport my brothers, I mean there are 11 of us in total, they could pick and deport any one of us,” she said.


Now there’s a dashed fine idea!