Scared Of Chinese Virus? Here’s Your Answer!

Many Indonesians, and indeed many other people of various nationalities, do not understand my sense of humour!

It’s dry, as befits somebody of Ulster-Scots ancestry…

….or Scotch-Irish, as George Washington I think called us, when he showered his best soldiers with praise, and thus my humour’s a pleasing contrast to my tastes in what to have for supper!

But no matter.

Dry or wet, a sense of humour is a very necessary thing to have if one lives in Indonesia.

Read on!

Eucalyptus fruit pods

‘Indonesian Minister In Row Over Eucalyptus Necklace Covid Claim’

Syahrul Yasin Limpo had said the necklace, if worn for 30 minutes, could help destroy much of the coronavirus.

It had been developed by the agriculture ministry…


Minister Limpo


Facing criticism from infectious disease specialists, the ministry has since backtracked and said the products will not be advertised as having the ability to prevent or cure Covid-19.

Oh well, best keep the masks on a while yet!