The Un-British Councillors Of Milton Keynes, UK

Interesting to learn that the people of Milton Keynes, in the English county of Buckinghamshire, have somehow elected a pack of intolerant clowns to their city council.

This revelation arises from a report in their local media, about the way the Un-British swine bullied a patriot for saying what most sane English folk surely think, namely….

It’s Time To Stop The invasion Of Migrants And Time To Send A Lot Back!

….and here’s their victim, Councillor Terry Barnes!



To read the report, which is unlikely to be in any way inaccurate, is like plunging into a cess-pit of politically correct, self-righteous slugs…



…and the sub-committee of three who graciously decided not to have Mr. Barnes’ expression of plain sense ‘investigated as a breach of the council’s code of conduct’ are no better than the rest.

The trio in their infinite wisdom – infinitesimal, I’d say – deemed the man’s patriotism HAD ‘been a breach of the code’ but only “very minor or trivial” – oh, and Cllr Terry Baines had apologised!

.Sadly, the victim’s apology was not as follows…

…which it should have been!


Why on earth would anyone apologise for caring enough about one’s native land to object to an influx of aliens?




Because of the barrage of bigoted abuse, no doubt, to which he was subjected, so intense that the target of the tirades ‘referred himself to the committee!’

In his apology Cllr Baines (Cons, Campbell Park & Old Woughton) said: “I was trying to refer to the number of illegal immigrants arriving by small boat into the country and not those that have or are entering legally.”

Illegals are a blight, but so are many who got into Britain under the brain-dead legal rules.

No apology should be considered necessary!

Mention is made of unspecified complaints from Labour councillor Mohammed Khan (Bletchley East) and Oliver Balaam, who both wanted Cllr Baines to resign.

Arrogant swine!



Force him out of political life altogether because they don’t agree with what he said?


Are they Nazis, or Communists, to spout totalitarian tripe of that sort!?

But then there was a modicum of rationality, from..

…Cllr Sam Crooks (Lib Dem, Broughton) – he found the comments “distasteful’ but at least acknowledged they “reflect a significant element within the community.”

Bizarrely ( or perhaps humorously) Sam Crooks declared himself an “immigrant” from Northern Ireland which of course means he’s not an immigrant but bred from the best of British stock.

Despite being a Liberal Democrat, Crooks isn’t a fool. He recognised that Cllr Baines was representing a widely held view….

We ask our elected representatives not to be too bland, and if they have views to state them. Sometimes stating a view may be unpopular but nonetheless it is a legitimate view.” which “may have been more tactfully or diplomatically phrased.”



Incredibly, while wallowing in scolding condescension, the sub-committee decided that Cllr Baines’ comments may have shown disrespect and been seen as bullying.



Bullying whom?

Nobody was bullied!

Disrespect to whom?

Immigrants, legal or illegal, have to EARN respect!

But it gets weirder!

Although this little kangaroo court decided there was no breach of the council’s duty under equalities law to “eliminate discrimination, harassment, or victimisation…”

What a load of bilge!

…This went counter to the advice of the committee’s independent advisor.


Some unelected twit gets to supervise how councillors may exercise their right to free speech on matters of public policy?

And this twat wanted to slap Baines down for telling it like it is?

Name the independent adviser cur and shame him!

Or her!

Or these days, maybe, IT!    If it’s a transfreak!

But we do get another name to conjure with, Cllr Norman Miles (Lab, Wolverton) – he disagreed with his colleagues and wanted the matter to be investigated.

This flake takes the cake!

I fundamentally disagree, otherwise anyone can say what they like and then say I am sorry, I didn’t mean it, and it doesn’t matter.


An elected representative of the people can SAY WHATEVER THEY LIKE?

Then there was Cllr Saleena Raja (Cons, Shenley Brook End), to whom Baines’ patriotic comments were: “Completely unacceptable and many people in the community have rightfully taken offence to this.”

And she’s a ‘Conservative?’

Time she was kicked out of the party!

Her fellow-councillors finally settled for this contemptible conclusion,  that –

Cllr Baines showed an inappropriate lack of respect and that he endangered the reputation of the council.”

I imagine these klutzes do have a reputation – as wet, weaselling wallies!

They do not deserve respect.

Nor did ‘former soldier’ Baines deserve to be ‘stripped of his post as armed forces champion.’

But maybe he will be re-instated once he returns from the brain-washing he has ‘agreed to attend’. aka ‘a diversity course!’


Nightmare! Racist Re-Education At Tax-Payers’ Expense!

Possibly as vile a session in ‘re-education’ as that we looked at a day or two ago?