Hurray ( Again!) For Hungary! Crimmigrants Caged!

Hungarian court jails migrants for breaching border


While we’re waiting for the result of Poland’s election, let’s spare a moment to nod approval of Hungarian court which last week sent four crimmigrants to prison for illegal entry!

The arrogant swine, two Palestinians and two Syrians, were part of a mob of primitives who broke into Hungary by destroying a border fence in January.


.Better still, ‘an appeals court followed the jail sentences by saying that the men should be deported and banned from re-entering Hungary for two years, once they have served their sentences.’


Hungary's controversial transit zones along the Serbian border are policed by military units | COPYRIGHT: picture-alliance/Photoshot/A. Volgyi
Hungary’s sensible border security!

What an excellent example!

Imagine if Johnson and Patel did the same with all those Channel boat-bludgers who have gate-crashed British territorial waters over the last year or more.

Instead, they welcome the wannabe parasites ashore, waste public funds on free board and lodging and medical care ( as if the health services are not quite busy enough trying to attend to the needs of British people who actually have a right to be cared for!) and thus make mugs of themselves…


More Than 70 New Snouts

…and, unjustly, of the British people, who are crying out for action to turn back the horde that France is doubtless delighted to be rid of.

Incidentally, the report mentions perhaps the only outfit that must be displeased with the sentences, the notorious Hungarian Helsinki Committee, which has produced a video, on which their pinko creep narrator drones, dirge-style, that –

 “Since 2017, anyone found in Hungary without documents permitting them to be there will be pushed back to Serbia…”

Which proves the invaders were not ‘refugees’ at all, but were on at least their third European stepping-stone country since gate-crashing Greece….



…so not fleeing Syria or Palestine but aiming for the lush benefit pastures of Northern Europe!

And who won’t join me in congratulating the wise Hungarians, their wisdom doubly proven by the evident disapproval expressed by the Soros-funded ‘Helsinki’ rat-pack!

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