Over 700 Million ‘Boost’ For UK Borders? But Not 1 Gun Ordered?

Were I not a realist, my heart might have skipped merrily when I read that the Johnson Government is to spend 705 MILLION pounds on British borders.



God knows something needs to be done to control the endless flood of parasitic aliens, thousands of them sneaking onto beaches at dead of night or escorted, welcomed, ashore by Home Secretary Priti Patel’s underlings over the past 12 months…


Priti Patel Minister.jpg

Priti Patel


…a tsunami of primitives which much of the rotten media has virtually ignored!

Farage migrant video shames so-called journalists


I have not purchased a machine gun recently, but I’m advised by those who know that a fair price is under $1000 per gun.

Just think of the bargain possible if a bulk purchase of a thousand were negotiated.

A million quid well spent, especially when you consider the enormous burden on the public purse when Ms. Patel lavished free board and lodging on the illegals she allows her minions to bring ashore.

And the medical resources!

Imagine wasting doctors’ and nurses’ time and skills on crimmigrants while Brits are forced to wait for treatment they need!



Every single member of the crew, on every single Border Patrol vessel on the English Channel, needs to be trained and armed properly and given full authority to open fire on any bludger-boat that refuses to turn back to France!


But reading the BBC report, my realism set in again, quickly!

The new funding will include up to £470m to build port and inland infrastructure, and £235m will be allocated for IT systems and staffing.https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-53375713

Not a penny apparently allocated for weaponry essential in the fight against illegal alien invasion!

The Tories let the country down once again!