Exquisite Irony, Sicko Photo – BBC Concedes Victory To Duda!

Despite BBC’s singular talent for covering up news that undermines their propaganda agenda…

….they had to report President Duda’s re-election, and even had to try to explain it.


Hence their reference to the government’s popular and generous welfare scheme. It is symbolised by the 500+ programme, under which families receive 500 zloty (£100; €110; $125) per month for each child until the age of 18.

Many Polish families have been lifted out of poverty as a result of the government’s policies



The common folk of Poland ‘feel there is a party that cares about their needs.’

But the Tax-Funded Propaganda Channel just couldn’t hide its ideological hang-ups…



….because, obliged to report on something few would dispute is good, the TFPC continued thus-

On the other hand, he has vowed to protect Polish families from what he calls an imported “LGBT ideology” that he says is aggressively trying to sexualise Polish children.

Before we all clap and echo Duda’s recognition of a menace which looms not just in his country but in many of our countries too..

…ponder, please, that sly intro.

On The Other Hand!

You don’t need to be a retired English teacher to know that if you talk about ‘on the one hand’ this and ‘on the other hand’ that, you are contrasting!

So the subtle BBC message?

Lifting Poles out of poverty, ‘on the one hand’ is GOOD, but opposing the gaystapo’s goals ‘on the other hand’ is NOT good at all.


I will spare you the revolting photo the BBC felt it necessary, for some reason, to include, of two queers smooching.

Instead, here’s a nice big pic of President Duda…


Andrzej Duda

…but we’re not done with the TFPC’s twisted notion of fair and balanced journalism yet.

Get this!

In practice, sex education classes in Polish state schools do not exist.’

So the BBC would have us believe!

Yet then they admit that schools DO have “family life education” classes, which may include sex education, often led by priests or nuns.

So there IS sex education, just not the sort that decent British parents were up in arms about last year…

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…or like that which caused uproar in Spain…

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….also last year.

And one final point the TFPC makes, which almost has one admiring the BBC for their sheer bloody impudence!

They actually include a bit of belly-aching about the Polish state media, with which the current government in Warsaw has done a great job..

Kruk, herself a former chair of the National Broadcasting Council, said that public media “falsely presented as public opinion” ideologies and political orientations that were not supported by the majority of voters….


“The ethos rooted in Christianity and Polish traditions of freedom and independence is marginalised or discredited, while an ideological and moral fashion unacceptable to the majority of the population is ennobled,” she said.  https://euobserver.com/political/131689

….cleansing it of left-liberal creeps as described by Ms. Kruk, above, who were infamous for presenting biased hogwash.



….and who does that remind you of!

And why is the BBC coven indignant?

Because, they say, with no apparent sense of irony…

Poland’s public broadcaster, Polish TV, is funded by the taxpayer and is bound by its charter to present balanced coverage of political events.  


So may we ask why the BBC, for years and years…

…but this year with almost manic escalation…

….has turned itself into a pinko pulpit, contemptuous of balance and aggressivly supporting every imaginable Enemy Within?