White Flag! Mama Stasi Merkel Grovels To Adolf-The-Pooh!

Having spent her formative years as a tool of the East German quisling regime’s gestapo…

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            Mam Stasi Merkel with Adolf-the-Pooh

…perhaps Mama Stasi Merkel’s latest act of obeisance to the vile Red China dictatorship should not come as a big surprise to any of us.

Blank space under the Taiwan flag. (Federal Foreign Office screenshot)

Blank space under the Taiwan flag. (Federal Foreign Office screenshot)


But the more you read how her Foreign Ministry flunkey, Rainer Breul, wriggled like a worm when challenged on the erasure of the Free China ( Taiwan) flag, the more you can feel nothing but contempt for a German Government…


German Foreign Ministry spokesman Rainer Breul

…so eager to curry favour with the gang of bullies busily bludgeoning Hong Kong’s democracy.

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All credit to the German reporter who at a Friday press conference asked and asked again and again for a straight answer.

 “Why did Taiwan’s flag disappear and become a blank column in the introduction of national conditions of various countries on the official website of the German foreign ministry? Is this a white flag raised to the Chinese? What’s going on? Except for Taiwan, other countries have flags. What is going on with the German foreign ministry?”


When Breul failed completely to explain the sudden Berlin/Beijing grovel-gesture, the unusually principled journalist, ‘refusing to take the canned response,’ laid bare Merkel’s spineless double-standards with another question that led Mama Stasi’s stooge to end the press conference and weasel off the stage!

Since when did the official website of the German Foreign Ministry no longer use Taiwan’s flag?” He then asked why the Palestinian flag can still be found on the website even though it is not an officially recognized country.

Breul replied by saying he would give reporters more information later. The press conference was then brought to an end.’

In case anyone has forgotten what the Palestinian glag looks like…