A Much Smarter Goodall Than That Football Fool!

Not long ago we had a go at a fatuous fool in America…

What’s Goodell Gonna Say About Kneel-Creep NOW? 

…that football fat-head Goodell, who has been energetically grovelling to BLM brutes.
A slightly different spelling of the name, but pronunciation more or less identical, but how much more enjoyable to listen to another person called Goodall (but with a A!) while I slothed about my living room this morning.

Stephen Sackur, Journalist & Presenter (17167554681) (cropped).jpg


Stephen Sackur had Jane Goodall as his guest on Hard Talk. Sackur has shown pro-crimmigrant prejudice in the past…

BBC’s Sackur Loses It – Magyar Man Easy Winner! 

…but to be fair he will show exasperation when faced with outrageous nonsense.

Jihad Jack – Even BBC Lefty Sackur Chokes On Parental BS! 

However, I figured that with somebody as non-political as Ms. Goodall, we’d get a half-hour or so of informative tv.

Silly me!

Much of their conversation was interesting, about her work with chimps in East Africa, but inevitably Sackur just had to get onto ‘sexism,’ quoting an old media story about a ‘willowy blonde with long legs’ to illustrate how wicked we all were back then…

…to notice that women could be not only bright but beautiful!

BTW, there was a photo from fifty or so years ago, and she WAS a cutie.


Jane Goodall in the television special

Ms. Jane showed immense sense with her response.

Women didn’t feel as threatened then..if my legs could get me on the cover of National Geographic, thank you legs!”

Good for Jane Goodall.

Notice how she doesn’t say ‘women weren’t threatened,’ but makes the much more mature and clear-sighted observation that ‘women didn’t FEEL threatened.’

Of course the shrill feminazis have been and still are trying to get women to rely on feeling rather than thinking.

Irrational ranters even seek to lump women in with other whiner ‘communities’ as a ‘minority’ cruelly maltreated, discriminated against, and prevented from rising high no matter how they struggle.


Yeah, right!

And if you don’t like conservatives, think Ardern, or Merkel or Clinton…




…on Bastiile Day I’d rather think of the next (I hope) President of France!

Women with determination can rise as high as their ambition and ability allow. However, back to Sackur, who, having failed to score many points on the so-called ‘gender’ issue, turned the conversation to race.


Did the Africans not, when Goodall sought to help them, Sackur suggested, say – 

You are a privileged white woman..lecturing us..we can’t easily accept that…’

Ms. Jane’s calm reply was perfect.

’I didn‘t do that. …I learned about the plight of the chimps but also about that of poor Africans…we started community- based groups…it wasn’t a group of arrogant whites..we got locals and asked them, what do you think we can do to help you.”

Even Sackur seemed to get it!