Bastille Day? Bigot Left In Power – France Needs A New Uprising!

When just a week ago Macron appointed a far-left authoritarian lawyer to be his ‘Justice Minister, it became clear that French democracy is in danger of disintegration.


“The FN is not a republican party, we need to ban it!”


Eric Dupond-Moretti has never recanted his vow to outlaw the French patriot party.


Opinion | Dupond-Moretti, un rempart contre le Rassemblement ...

Five years later, his comment has not been forgotten by the party members, who quickly condemned the decision to make him justice minister.


Macron has repeatedly shown his scorn for real democracy…



….notably when he recoiled from the principle of referenda on essential issues, substituting his ‘consultations,’ which scoff at democratic principles…

Muppet Macron’s Mock-Consultation -“We’ll Only Talk About What WE Value!” 

….a blatant denial of genuine reforms that might clash with his left-liberal ‘values,’ aka prejudices.

Now he’s elevated a rabidly intolerant leftist to control whatever still passes for ‘justice’ in France today, and who can deny the leader of the French patriot party her right to be alarmed.



“A far-left militant who wants to ban RN, the largest opposition party, has been named to (head) the justice (department), tweeted party leader Marine Le Pen.


Let’s not be kidding ourselves.

If patriot parties seem to be a threat to the ruling class, that ruling class, the rotten political-media elite, will not hesitate to turn to the tools used by tyrants.

Look at what happened in Belgium a few years ago –

…when the country’s largest party, the Vlaams Blok, was outlawed by anti-democratic judicial fiat…

…for the heinous crime of opposing the in-crowd’s multicult ideology!

It can’t happen here, wherever good citizens take a stand against the Enemy Within?

Of course it can!

And with the demonic Dupond-Moretti at the Justice Ministry, and so many French judges notorious for their contempt for France…

Collaborateur! But No Justice Likely In Hollande’s France 


…releasing that swine Herou, and worse…

Free The Gap Three – And Can The Pro-Crimmigrant Judge-Jerks! 

…so much worse, jailing young patriots who tried to thwart crimmigrant incursions…

…that Marine may face jackboot tactics before the people of France get the chance in a year or so to evict Le Muppet and put a patriot in power.

Any such move by Macron’s malevolent new minister should be signal for a new French Revolution!

I can think of several rats who deserve a rendezvous with Madame Guillotine!