Thanks, Pinko Guardian, For An Inspirational Headline…BUT!

Liberals Despair After Dudas Win!…

What a joy to read, boosting the initial exhiliration we felt over the narrow but decisive win for the good guy in Warsaw!

Liberal Despair….’

Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive Wordsworth nicely put it!

But then we had a cast of grimnasties rolled out, to condem democracy’s triumph,

This was not a normal, fair election held in a liberal democracy,” said Agnieszka Graff, a public intellectual and professor of cultural studies…


A  – Who wants to live in a ‘liberal’ anything.

Liberalism is a sick ideology…


…which is destroying Western Europe before our very eyes!



B –  What the HELL is a ‘public intellectual?’

A big-mouthed pinko egg-head that can’t keep off the media?

However, at least one anti-Duda academic owned up.

 ‘…the opposition put party above country..’

But I only used part of the headline that the Guardian had…here’s the rest.

The Coffin Is Being Closed on Democracy!

That’s how liberals concede gracefully when they lose a democratic election?

Earlier today we posted on Bastille Day, about how France now has a new ‘Justice’ Minister, a rabid democracy hater…

Bastille Day? Bigot Left In Power – France Needs A New Uprising! 

….who has declared how much he wants to outlaw the main opposition party!

No Guardian gabbling about Macron closing coffins on democracy just a mile away from the UK?