At Last! First Federal Execution For HOW MANY Years?

After some very off-beat rulings recently, credit where credit is due to the Supreme Court in the USA, for a sensible decision, albeit a narrow one, which sent the beast below to Hell yesterday.

Daniel Lewis LeeTriple murderer Daniel Lewis Lee

While the BBC reported the high court move, they do not appear to have given details of the brutal torture and slaughter of a harmless family for which Lee was sentenced.

Yet those SCOTUS Justices certainly knew all about the horrible crime.


Hard to understand how four of them could vote to spare the fiend. Have they no consciences at all?
Hard to believe this was the first federal execution for 17 years. Justice delayed is justice ill-served.
Hard to believe that a lower court judge held up justice yet again this week, on the grounds that there were ‘unresolved legal issues!’

The slaughter took place TWENTY FOUR years ago!

What possible legal technicalities could some simpering attorneys dredge up at this stage?

Still, better late than never!

Now keep the assembly line rolling…



..there are many more caged beasts still waiting in line for those lethal injections!