BBC Bias Brute Bundock’s Not So Rambling Bigotry!

Anybody else catch another Beeb-Hackette trying to out-do The Maitlis, mid-morning or just after 12 noon, today, Wednesday?

This time it was that dowdy bint Sally Bundock, giving us ‘news’ from Washington, of President Trump’s press briefing.


The Donald’s delivery may be considered as good or bad, interesting or boring, but it’s for us to decide, not for Bundock to categorise him with pejorative adjectives, in this case ‘rambling.’

But then the poor old bag was merely echoing the anonymous Trumpophobes she had just invoked to justify her bigotry.


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Sally Bundock


’Trump,’ she snarled, ‘has been criticised for his press briefings.’

No doubt.

By nasty leftist swine like Bundock’s comrades….



…like The Maitlis…

….and Embley..

…and of course by the entire Media-Democrat rat-pack in the USA.


Trump is also PRAISED, rather than criticised, by many other people, whom Bundock obviously never listens to, or reads.

American patriots, conservatives, and others who just enjoy the absence of fancy-pants Obummer-style rhetoric!

Such people are near-invisible in the eyes of UK Pravda.

And that’ll be her threadbare excuse for acting as The Left’s Little Miss Echo, as well, of course, the fact that playing fair, behaving as a professional journalist, would cost her the over-paid BBC position she abuses.