ISIS Pig Shot Dead? Hurray! But Get This BBC Bilge!

Excellent news from Syria, one of the jihadist swine who left Britain to join the ISIS rape-gang has been shot dead!

Three cheers, or four, or more!

The BBC showed none of the satisfaction that every decent Brit must have felt about this belated justice.

But then, that would never do – they’re impartial!


Nor did they manage any real investigative journalism, though they confessed to being aware of the fact that the Islamist pig Mostefaoui was born in ALGERIA – but grew up in the UK...



…which the foul ingrate then left to join a band of brigands revelling in the rape and murder of innocents

NO explanation of this.

I don’t mean why he left.

I mean why he was ever in the UK!


How come this vile creature was able to spend most of his life in Britain, battening on every British benefit, education, health and welfare?


Ishak MostefaouiMostefaoui whining about his menu and lodgings!


Incredibly, the TFPC showed us their last ‘interview,’ through a prison window, in which the pig complained about the food, and how the accommodations were not to his liking!



so fondly regarded by that BBC sow…

BBC On First-Name Terms With Jihadist Vermin




I’m going to feed the cat and watch a movie.

It’s been a busy bloggy day but tomorrow I have a bunch of friends to chat to, if only by video link!