Astounding! German TFPC Puts UK Pravda To Shame!

I had switched to DW, and was all ready to switch somewhere else, after seeing that pinko git Goff mouthing off, his usual bigot bias on display when he started snivelling about  ‘White House politicisation of the pandemic.’

Surely even an ex-CNN hack like him…


Goff-Garbage! DW’s Pinko Yank Prattles On Pardons! 

….must be aware of the constant efforts by the Media-Democrat party in the USA to exploit the Chinese Virus Crisis!

However, I was distracted by Katty the Cat’s endeavours to grab my salad sandwich ( it included smoked beef, of which she insists on fair shares!) so hadn’t changed channels when one of their black news- woman appeared, rabbiting ignorantly about blacks in the UK having had to deal with years of ‘racism and discrimination..’



Of course that’s hogwash.

But when they began a segment featuring an agreeably busty young black gal with blonde hair, I expected unmitigated partisan tripe.


Firstly, Imarn Ayton did not talk total rot.

She does have some outrageous ideas, like having ‘quotas’ to give jobs to blacks whether they are as qualified as non-blacks or not.

That’s aping America, where even high court judges have seen through it.

Nice One, SCOTUS! Michigan Students Freed From PC Discrimination 


Quotas would of course be as unjust as the racist ‘affirmative action’ programmes in America which blatantly and unfairly disadvantage non-blacks.

But while Imarn harbours the fantastical notion that ‘institutionalised racism’ is a real thing ( any more than the US version, ‘systemic racism’ is anything but a manufactured war-cry to spread hate! ) at least she apparently has the sense to reject the evil BLM agenda item about replacing the police with ‘committees of public safety.’

When They ‘Re-Imagine Public Safety?’ Read History! 

And she really, really, really dislikes being told –

 ‘You’re attractive for a black woman.’


Imarn Ayton, an activist who led tens of thousands at recent protests in London, poses for a portrait near her Peckham home in south London,

Imarn Ayton

In fact, as already noted, she IS quite attractive, by anyone’s standards.

However, the BIG shock came when DW revealed it was going to provide a fair and balanced report!


After their repeated brazen bias-bleats on all manner of subjects, for years…

DW – German Bias Channel Welcomes US. Hate Group Ranter! 

….they actually had a Brit who reflects the nationwide hostility to BLM which the BBC’s coven – The Maitlis, Awful Embley and the rest -strive with demonic determination to keep off their viewers’ tv screens.




The opposition spokesman was a guy named David Kurten, a Brexit Alliance councillor and currently an independent candidate for London Mayor, who seems to be just about as black as Imarn!

It was a delight to hear him say that the BLM propaganda was rubbish, that Britain s one of the best countries in the world that black people can live in…

….and that quotas demeaned those who benefited from their iniquitous discriminatory elevation of individuals on the basis of race.

So what happened at DW?

Fair play?

Can it last?

Probably not, but I shall be watching carefully.


At least today they put their counterparts at UK Pravda to shame!