Bonkers Belgium, Crimmigrant Paradise!

Belgium is a crazy mixed-up country.

Maggie de Block


Belgian minister of Asylum and Migration, Maggie de Block, wants to tighten measures for asylum seekers who refuse to leave the country. Those who decide to stay in Belgium may be arrested….

Asylum seekers who ‘abuse the system’ may be arrested, De Block says

Those who DECIDE to stay in Belgium…?

Law-breakers don’t get to decide!

The arrogant swine should be manacled and put aboard suitably uncomfortable transport and shifted, sharpish!

BUT – yes, there’s always a ‘but!’

What about all those virus amnesties we raised hell about not long ago?

Four Dimwit U.S.Judges Say – ‘Free Rapists and Killers!’ 

It’s not just America but all over the Western world but the most egregious example of folly is surely still Belgium’s, where a horde of undesirable aliens awaiting deportation were turned loose.

As one MP for Vlaams Belang, the patriot party, Tom Vandendriessche, put it, exposing the government’s irresponsibility, bluntly…


“As for the illegal migrants, who are now roaming our streets again, most of them are being let out fromclosed migrant centers due to the ‘lack of confinement space.’ 


By their very presence on the streets and dark alleys of Brussels and other cities, those undesirables are of course engaged in repetition of their offence – crimmigration – and God only knows how many will be rounded up if and when the Belgian Government ever regains its sense of responsibility.

So if Ms. de Block is even serious about her feeble threat to ‘arrest’ lawless crimmigrants, will they at once be unleashed again, on the grounds that imprisonment is a health-risk?

Easy answer?

But not on Belgian soil!

Don’t detain them for more than one night!

Free up a container vessel, lock ‘em away below deck….


..and send them out to sea, dropping batches off, one by one, in the territorial waters of the countries they come from!