ACLU Trumpophobe Backs Callous Quartet’s Bid To Thwart Justice!

What utter hogwash we heard in Kansas this week, from a merciless killer’s attorney!

Rebecca Woodman said her client was “a 68-year old, severely brain-damaged and mentally ill man who suffers from advanced Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.”



This May 2000 photo provided by the Kansas Department of Corrections shows Wesley Ira Purkey, who was convicted of kidnapping and killing a 16-year-old girl, and was sentenced to death.

 Wesley Ira Purkey

If that beast Wesley Ira Punkey had been any or all of those things when he kidnapped and murdered an innocent 16-year-old girl, then his attorney would have been entitled to adduce those facts in his defence.

But he wasn’t.

The brutal crime took place  MORE THAN TWENTY years ago.

Let’s be absolutely clear – he was guilty as sin and admitted it, though even as he was rightfully sent to Hell this week, his ‘dementia’ didn’t prevent him whining a suspiciously articulate objection to his fate!


.But okay, Woodward’s job was to defend the swine.

The truly deplorable performance came at the Supreme Court, where that callous leftist quartet again forced a vote, losing 5 to 4, again…

At Last! First Federal Execution For HOW MANY Years? 

…in a bid to let the poor murderer…

..sorry, the pure evil murderer, avoid the death he deserved.

And even their irresponsible antics were outdone by the revolting Cassandra Stubbs, director of the Capital Punishment Project at the American Civil Liberties Union.


Look at me, I’m off my bloody rocker!’ Cassandra Stubbs did not say that but one has to wonder!

We expect the ACLU to be on the wrong side of just about every issue…

Memo To ACLU – Yer Off Yer Rocker! 

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The Final Nail in the ACLU’s Coffin

Bravo ICE! Pro-Active Plan Provokes Pro-Crimmigrant ACLU Tantrum 

…but this rabid woman’s ranting effort to exploit the Chinese Virus Crisis surely ought to get her a prize for outrageous irrelevance!

There was no reason for this administration to restart federal executions now — after a nearly two-decade hiatus, during the worst public health crisis of our lifetime — except to distract from its mainly failings, particularly its failure to keep people safe during this pandemic…”

So wedded to leftism that she invokes the pandemic, which has absolutely NOTHING to do with Punkey’s crime, nor his guilty verdict, nor the high court’s decision, nor his execution!

What a disgraceful woman, so immersed in Trumpophobia that she can’t stop gibbering about completely extraneous issues even when she’s mounted on her favourite hobby horse!