BBC Exploits Leftist Lewis’ Death – BLM Ranter’s Action Replay!

Exactly why the BBC chose to make the death of an American leftist politician their main story today is known only to the leftists in Broadcasting House who carefully manage what ‘news’ diet the global audience gets.



Today it was the turn of another member of the Coven, Samantha Simmonds, to exploit John Lewis’s death to promote the TFPC’s ideological agenda, a fawning interview with a BLM extremist whom we featured only a week or two ago.


Samantha Simmonds takes a selfie before going on air - with make up done by herselfSamantha Simmonds

Her chat with Shane Harris made it clear he was on air not just to mourn his mentor but to enjoy a rant…

BBC’s Propaganda Pulpit? An ‘Ordained Minister’ – Like Al Sharpton? 

…not dissimilar to that we previously reported.


San Diego civil rights activist Shane Harris flew to Minneapolis after George Floyd's death to work to bring the community together through positive change.


News priorities?

The Brussels summit?

The Sudan primitives?

All the huge issues going on all over the world?

Surely, if anything, Lewis’s death merited a footnote.

Certainly not top billing, and absolutely not exploitation by one of The Maitlis Coven’s notorious natterers.