Sudan Emerges From Dark Age – Ignoramusettes Protest!

Not that often that anything in the Guardian pleases me, but their report that Sudan’s Justice Minister, Nasredeen Abdulbari, has announced that the absurd, primitive law crimialising ‘apostasy’ is no more had to be cause for rejoicing amongst decent people everywhere.


Only foul fanatics, of any creed, seek to punish people who use their God-given brains to convert from one religion to another.

Imagine wanting to hurt or even kill somebody for how he or she chooses to worship..

…or not worship.


But the Sudanese have a long way to go before they can say they live in a truly civilised society.

Mr. Abdulbari is also reported to have said that it will no longer be a crime if non-Muslims ‘drink alcohol in private.’


In what lunatic alternative universe could it be considered criminal for ANYONE of any creed to enjoy a beer in your living room?

Yet this morning, on EuroNews, about noon, Jakarta time, we were treated to the sickening sight of a mob of primitive – and outstandingly unattractive – women – yes, women! – staging a demo against the reforms…



….reforms that include their own right to go out and about without their husbands’ consent!

One hopes that Minister Abdulbari will ignore these ignorant expressions of sexist slave-think.

There must be many normal women in Sudan still savouring their country’s new-found freedoms.

Good luck to them!

The dimwit dames objecting are, of course, also free, to obey in robot fashion the diktats of their backward husbands.