Is It A Crime To Hate Evil Now?

Sinn Féin have hit out after a banner appeared at Roselawn cemetery “with an apparent gloating reference” to the death of Bobby Storey….

Oh no!

Surprise! Blood-Beast’s Got A Sense Of Humour!


Somebody derived satisfaction that a fiend has finally gone to Hell, where fiends belng?

The party’s Group Leader on Belfast City Council, Ciaran Beattie, said the message echoed other similar placards that were placed on some bonfires on the Eleventh Night.

We keep hearing about those placards on the news, but no details of the actual words used.

Belfast City Council have confirmed they removed a banner “with sectarian language” from the cemetery on Friday morning.

Well, if it was illegally installed, okay.


The police say enquiries are ongoing but that they are “treating this matter as being hate motivated.”’

Sorry, but what can any normal person think or say, or write on a banner, or on a placard, about a vile traitorous Sinn Fein swine like Storey, that is NOT ‘hate-motivated!’



Are decent folk not 100% entitled to hate IRA or ISIS terrorist scum and all who support them?