Zeinab Presents Balance – Fat Rude Moe V A Polite Republican

After much criticism here…

Museum Of Horrors?’ BBC’s ‘Global Question’ Gunk!

‘BBC Global Questions?’ AKA ‘Zeinab Comperes Pinko Piffle!’ 

BBC Bias – Two Guests – Lancet Left Doc, Plus Labour MP’s Wife! 


BBC Global Questions

…Zeinab Badawi’s Global Questions today surprised me by giving us spokesmen for both sides on American politics

Good for her!

But I have to wonder if her leftist bosses at BBC will have been pleased with her choice for their leftist side’s spokesman.

The Democrat was a fat rude loudmouth, named Moe, with no small opinion of himself, wallowing in self-importance, boasting in detail of his job under Obummer…



..Loudmouth Moe Vela

….who repeatedly interrupted the other man, a podcaster named Matt, who gave a measured input, prepared to acknowledge short-comings he perceived in the White House,

If the young international panel drew any lessons from the discussion, they would hold the Democrats or at least the obese Moe Vela, in contempt.

Own goal for the Trumpophobe BBC ideologists!?!