BAFTA TV Awards…If Viewers Had Votes, The Maitlis Would Lose!

I was horrified to see this ‘headline’ in The Times at the weekend.

Emily Maitlis, Romesh, Succession’s Brian Cox… Meet TV’s BAFTA Nominees

I recoiled, unwilling to read more about The Maitlis…

Sneer-Minx Maitlis – No Charm School Grad, She! 

.Image result for maitlis

See the resemblance?

…of whom we’ve surely heard and seen enough in this summer of far-left BBC propaganda!


It’s proper to remind readers that we noticed the leftist vixen some three years ago, when Andrea Leadsom made a pertinent observation, viz.

“Of course it is very early days but it would help if broadcasters were willing to be a bit patriotic.”

Emily Maitlis responded with a display of instantly manufactured indignation…

…though of course she doesn’t have a clue what patriotism is.

You have to feel it before you can know what it means!

But that headline aroused my curiosity, as to who gets to decide these ‘honours!’

And rest assured, it ain’t you!

If you live in the UK, you get to have the BBC license fee extorted from your hard-earned cash, but the media in-crowd keep you out of any say in who gets the gongs, or the silly little statues that BAFTA hands out.

With one exception!

The Must See Moment gong goes to an iconic snapshot of TV from the last year that got everyone talking.

And, last I heard, you can vote on that.

But the rest of the awards are decided by the BAFTA in-crowd!

No democratic in-put.

So they aren’t worth more than a bucket of pig-sh-t…


…to which The Maitlis is certainly entitled, and to which she’s most welcome!