Fanatic Fire Chief Burns Bridges With Law Enforcement!

An odd news item, concerning what it calls, correctly, surely, an ‘odd announcement’ by the firefighters of the agitator-infested city of Portland, Oregon.

Portland Police Wives Protest Against City ‘Leadership’ Betrayal! 

Portland Fire & Rescue made an odd announcement at 7:25 on Sunday night: The bureau denied federal law enforcement officials had used its station houses—and said in future neither the feds nor the Portland Police Bureau would be welcome at its 31 stations strategically located throughout the city.

You may read the whole article via the link below, but it seems that the nutjob in the woodpile ( notice, please, my politically correct updating of that harmless old phrase!)…


JoAnn Hardesty.jpg


….is the city’s far-left Fire Commissioner, Baltimore-born Jo Ann Hardesty ( one of those not uncommon far-lefts who look like what they are!)

It was that far-from-cute comrade ( read her wikipedia bio to get a measure of her extremist record) who issued the outrageous edict –


– ‘no PF&R station will be used by law enforcement of any kind, to include Portland police, for any tactical operations until further notice.’

It would be inconceivable for any fire chief in Britain to outlaw law enforcement from fire stations and that’s why this caught my attention.

Emergency services are meant to work together!

But once I got into the story and checked out Comrade Hardesty, I realised that this woman does not have ANY professional connection to the fire-fighters she purports to speak for.

She is a political hack, a former Oregon state legislator on the wildest fringes of the Democrat Party, who very possibly made the switch from state to city politics….



….because she’s sly enough to figure that a barracuda in a bath-tub has more impact than a catfish in a lake.

As an adherent of the same party as Mayor Wheeler…

….and all the equally irresponsible but weightier Democrats who are ranting against Donald’s despatch of sturdy Feds to curb the red rabble….

‘Arrest Me!’ The Moron Hollered…The Funniest Video For Years!

…of course Hardesty will be hostile to law enforcement.

But I wonder what the real fire-fighters think?

I can imagine what decent folks all over the USA are thinkng.

Probably much the same as me!


‘C’mon, if all us Outsiders don’t vote, the Oregonians might re-take Portland!’


What kind of zombies populate Portland, that would elect such a person to their city council?