Hong Kong Contemplates Quisling Carrie’s Cowardly Collabo Cops!

Just got home from a spot of shopping and the tv news reminds me that it’s exactly a year since Adolf-The-Pooh’s cowardly goon-squad armed themselves with iron bars to attack defenceless pro-democracy campaigners in a Hong Kong subway station.

In Pictures: Hong Kong district councillors arrested, pepper-sprayed and fined at banned march ahead of Yuen Long mob attack anniversary

Such behaviour by the triad red running-dogs scum merely reflected their Beijing pay-masters’ rancid character, as rotten today as when Xi’s evil Communist hero…



…first imposed totalitarian despotism, back when the slave-state was found some seven decades sgo.

But the villainy more important to recall, perhaps, is that of the collabo Hong Kong cops, who cowered in safe corners of their city rather than do their sworn duty to protect innocent citizens.

Those Hong Kong cops are pretty damned low.

But who gave the order that they should stand down?

Was Carrie the Quisling complicit?

Ya See Quisling Carrie? Never Go To Hong Kong Again! 

Who do YOU think is the worst collaborator there?