Loony Tunes Deafen The Western World!

My sincere thanks to Linda Harvey for her recent reference to the sheer lunacy of Home Depot…


.The Home Depot | Image Gallery

…which ‘has announced they will only sell pre-cut lengths of rope after someone allegedly made a noose out of a rope spool, reminiscent of black lynchings.’



Friggin’ idiots.

Ms Harvey writes for Mission America, which applies a Christian approach to the news.



In contrast, I don’t tend to write from any specific religious approach and there are millions of not very religious people in her country, the USA, and all over the world, who nevertheless share values of common decency, and patriotism, who detest the imbecilities of the cultural revolution.


A good example of the latter is a weird woman decribed too in the above article, a leader of the main American teachers’ union, the National Education Association’s nation-bashing far-left President Lily Eskelsen Garcia…


NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia speaking at the DNC in ...

…who told her nutjob outfit’s virtual convention that “exclusion” in America “continues to be intentional,” but started 400 years ago when “white male Protestants with money” built systems to intentionally oppress others.


Parents in America who care about their children must be terrified to contemplate the fact that such vile drivel represents high-level ‘thought’ in the teaching ‘profession!’

But wherever you are, the threat is about as bad.

Be ready.

Fight BACK!