DW’s Mystery Leftist ‘Antoine’ Wants To Bring ISIS Sows Home!

Whose game is Germany’s TFPC playing?

DW went over the top today, the Tax-Funded Propaganda Channel  throwing a loaded dice in what must be deemed a winning bid to beat their rivals, like BBC, France24, CBC etc…in the bias game,,

Their star, a mysterious sometime far-left activist, whose true identity DW obligingly concealed, oddly consented to appear on screen, using the pseudonym ‘Antoine.’


Wer ist ‘Antoine!?’

What’s he got to hide?

Grandfathers are usually thought of as benign persons, despite the fact that many of history’s worst characters were grandfathers.

So cute but facile decision, surely, by DW, to introduce “Antoine” as the grandfather of one of the brats stuck with their evil ISIS sow mothers, currently detained in a Kurdish camp.

“Antoine’s” daughter turned apostate against the family’s agnostic tradition, converted to Islam, and scuttled off…




….like numerous other dirty French bitches, to adhere to evil in Mosul.

But “Antoine’s” own background sounded as if it might be dodgy, to say the least.

DW referred to his ‘trade union’ activism in ‘workers’ rights,’  no details at all, which makes me wonder if he has, or had, links to the notorious PCF, which we discussed a couple of years ago…

Cuba Libre! – Collaborateur! Hollande Emulates Thorez! 

….the French Communist Party, or some other unsavoury marxist cabal.

DW don’t know, or won’t tell us?

Not much investigative journalism at DW!

As for balance, there WAS a French Government spokesman allowed to be heard…


….for even less time than that allotted to a leftist lawyer, who, we were told, has represented numerous ‘alleged’ ISIS scum.

She proceeded to argue that ‘their crime began in France so they should be tried there!’



But the vermin LEFT France in order to reach the satanic ‘caliphate,’ so, while a taste for treason and terrorism undoubtedly motivated their departure, what ‘crimes’ did they commit until they had arrived in the rape-gang’s stronghold?

That lawyer bint is full of sh-t!

Still, the DW reporter, Lisa Louis, did tell the truth about surveys of French opinion…

…which hugely supports keeping ISIS vermin out of France, and corralled in Mid- East detention.

Which, in a democratic country, should settle the matter.


I thought that was it, but DW suddenly hauled in a female named Rumyana Van Ark, who works for something called the ‘International Centre for Counter Terrorism!’

Sounds promising, I hear you say?

But we just got more stuff about how we should make things easier for the detainees.

She even whined about the ‘deplorable’ conditions (boo-hoo!) which, she suggested, ‘can trigger further radicalisation,’ as if the mangy sows could get significantly more satanic than they already are!

And not a word about stringing the b-stards up…



….which would solve the problem instantly!

But then her ICCT is funded by the Dutch Government, which is subject to Brussels..



…and thus would not be permitted, even if it wished, to continue funding any organisation that talked such good sense!