Impartial UK Pravda -“ Federal Officers Actions ‘Terrifying’ “ !!!!

Federal Officers’ Actions ‘Terrifying’

Oregon’s attorney general says the officers in military fatigues operate with no transparency.
That’s all there is.    See for yourselves.

That’s how the BBC uses a headline to slant public perception leftwards on the news out of Portland!

Now look at this!

Federal Officers in Portland have been injured.
Antifa Red Nazis have sexually assaulted a harmless street preacher.
….and cops’ wives are anguished at the city authorities’ ‘betrayal’ of their men. Fanatic Fire Chief Burns Bridges With Law Enforcement! 

If the BBC were even remotely interested in giving the situation in Portland impartial coverage, we should be able to find a headline from somewhere over the last month or two describing the villains of the saga as ‘terrifying!’

Just a quote?
Sure, from an old Democrat hag!

There must be plenty of people who could be quoted about the TRULY terrifying situations the BLM/Red Nazi mobs have created in Portland.