Oz-Left ABC Makes Ill-Informed Comment On SAS Non-Story!

ABC in Australia figures it’s ‘news’ that some SAS troops in Afghanistan used a Stars and Bars to signal a US helicopter.


Big deal.

ABC’s excuse for including such trivia, as enunciated by its almost glowering ‘news’-reader, – was that the Confederate flag is “seen as a symbol of racism and slavery!”

She did not specify by whom the grand old banner is thus seen.

The answer would be, inter alia-

A – the Media-Democrat party ( CNN, AOC, etc.)


B – members and fans of the racist BLM gang…

…and B’s disapproval, given their essentially malevolent character…

…ought not to be terribly bothersome!

There are many, very many, Americans, not just in the Old South, who understand that the War Between The States began, not because of slavery, and certainly not because of ‘racism..’


( Abe Lincoln held very strong views on racial matters which would incence both A and B above)


..but because of the serious constitutional conflict over the right of each individual state’s right to self-determination.


ABC has a patchy record of fair and accurate journalism..

Rats On The Run! ABC Memo –

…as when their nasty little correspondent here in Jakarta passed on slurs against Australia’s armed forces, lying ’fake-refugee’ slugs as his source.

They DO need a fact-check.

The Stars and Bars, like Robert E Lee and Jefferson Davis, deserve better than derision and disresepect, especially from a biased Oz broadcasting hackette.