Trumpophobe DW News-Reader Lies, Live On TV!

According to DW News at 5.14pm ( Jakarta time) the federal law enforcement officers in Portland, Oregon, were sent by President Trump ‘to end anti-racism protests.


Hasil gambar untuk goebbels lies


That is a bare-faced lie, worthy of the German tax-funded propaganda channel DW’s 1930s predecessor, Herr Doktor Goebbels.

As Trump has made clear, he has ordered those officers into Portland, not to prevent peaceful protests but to stop violent vandals running amok.

Riot declared in Portland, vandals torch police building: ‘Every precinct, every town, burn the precincts to the ground’


What DW broadcast was the propaganda being pumped out by the BLM street rabble, the Red Nazi Antifa hoodlum gang and the Media-Democrat party in the USA.

By all means report it as opinion from the Left side of the spectrum, but NOT as fact in a headline!