Arrogant Amnesty Orders End To Crimmigrant Canings!

I see from the Jakarta Post that Malaysia, having been an independent country for more than six decades…



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…is now deemed to have surrendered its sovereignty – but not back to the British Empire!

Instead there’s a new imperial authority, or at least an uppity chick who thinks she can issue orders to the government in KL.

And who might that be?

Amnesty Bloody International!

Amnesty has openly espoused all kinds of unpleasant and anti-social causes…

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…and shown open sympathy with dangerous criminals whose guilt was not in doubt…

…and read these previous posts as well…

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So it’s not as if we haven’t heard enough of the sticky-beak ‘charity’ in recent years!

But now the group’s ‘Malaysia researcher,’ Rachel Chhoa-Howard, has been mouthing off, talking rot about caning…


The tawse worked well in Scottish schools


…which I suspect in her narrow mind includes all forms of corporal punish, even the good old Scottish tawse, outlawed by the robed rogues on the Strasbourg court!

She’s on about a recent case, and I’m not getting into whether the cane may or may not have been suitable in Malaysia in the case of those Rohingya illegals.

But while corporal punishment is outrageously misapplied in Indonesia’s shariah province, Aceh…



…most of us would surely agree that it would be an excellent and appropriate punishment for many kinds of genuine undesirables, like muggers, molestors, vandals, school bullies etc…

Flogging Ban? For Real Evil-Doers, Bring It Back! 

….but hark at her!





Caning is a barbaric practice that amounts to torture, inhuman and degrading treatment, and Malaysia must abolish the use of such a punishment.”


Like, uh, ‘MUST?’

Who does she think she is?

I am a frequent critic of Malaysia…

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Malaysia Truly Arabia – Shariah Gestapo Drag Bride From Wedding..

…but the country has reasonably free elections and in a democracy it’s THE PEOPLE who say what the government MUST do!

In Malaysia, let there be a referendum…

….as there should have been in Scotland, and in every country, on matters of crime and punishment.

It’s a choice to be made by the people, not a cheeky little girl who draws her salary from a supranational leftist pressure group!