Meltdown – Far-Left Fire Commissioner Accuses Cops Of Arson!

Just this week, we ‘discovered’ the far-left Jo Ann Hardesty…


JoAnn Hardesty.jpg


Fanatic Fire Chief Burns Bridges With Law Enforcement! 


…who ‘serves’ ( ! ) the city of Portland as Fire Commissioner.

Her record of extremism should have brought her to our attention a long time ago, but Portland teems with so many fishy fanatics that we had overlooked her role in the descent of a once undistinguished ( but probably happy enough) municipality into melt-down.

No longer!

BLM fan Hardesty has now accused her own police officers of arson!


After hours of largely peaceful demonstrations, violence escalated late Friday in downtown Portland, as hundreds of people gathered to protest the Minneapolis police killing go George Floyd.
Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty blamed the Portland Police Bureau and Mayor Ted Wheeler for exacerbating violence in Portland and effectively welcoming federal law enforcement agents to the city.

She also leveled an incendiary charge at Portland cops: Hardesty claimed it was they, not protesters, who had started fires around government buildings.

There’s lots more to this gripping yarn which you really should read, not least the understandably ‘livid’ response of the Chief of Police, though if you recall how appallingly he has run his department…


“…masked thugs run the streets of Portland, Oregon, and if you are targeted by them, then you are the problem, according to Portland police.”

…you likely won’t feel too sorry for him!

Comrade Hardesty appears to be in some sort of power struggle with Comrade Wheeler, who is  also far left.

One hopes that, remembering a famous historical analogy…


….they won’t ultimately settle it with an ice-pick!

Donald Trump is the only person whose role in this mess does credit to his sense of responsibility.



Let’s hope the President sticks to his strategy of re-Americanising cities currently in the hands of the Enemy Within!