Coon Cheese No More? Boycott Every Saputo Product!

I honestly don’t know if I have ever eaten Coon Cheese, but it has long been a popular brand in Australia.

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But being tasty and healthy has not saved it from extinction, another pathetic act of appeasement of infantile uptight whiners, another kow-tow to the BLM bully mentality.

I just saw on the noon ( Jakarta time ) news that Saputo, the multinational company which owns the brand, has opted to grovel!

Boycott but make sure they know why?



Address: Level !5, 2 Southbank Blv
Suburb: Melbourne/Southbank
State: Victoria
Postcode: 3006

  • Warrnambool Heritage Cheddar

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Normal people – all over the world, because if you use the link below, you’ll find their contact details for not only Oz but also North America, Europe and Argentina – should identify as many Saputo products as they can, using that website, and…



….boycott them, to show that not everyone in Oz or anywhere else, is subservient to PC diktats by left fanatics!