Another Grateful ‘Refugee?’ Rwandan Re-Arrested In Nantes!


Like most of you, probably, I wondered, when that beautiful Nantes Cathedral was set ablaze, if it was the dirty work of undesirable aliens.

They do, after all, commit more than their fair share of criminal offences in France, as in many countries,

Then a ‘church volunteer’ was arrested, then released, a Rwandan ‘refugee,’ we were told, so we waited….


…and sure enough, the dirty savage has been re-arrested after he ‘admitted starting a fire that devastated the cathedral in the French city…’

Now we wait again, but at least his lawyer ( paid for by whom?) meanwhile provides grounds for amusement.

It’s someone who is scared, who is somehow overwhelmed,” said Quentin Chabert…


The ingrate swine would have good reason to be ‘scared’ if the decent French folk of Nantes got hold of him, and he’d certainly be ‘overwhelmed’ bloody ‘tout suite’ if that’s the correct French phrase.


  • Hasil gambar untuk tarring and feathering
  • ….

A spot of tarring and feathering would not go amiss, a circuit of the city prior to imprisonment, and maybe once again, prior to deportation.

Now, he IS going to be deported, isn’t he?

Or will that European Court order Macron not to do the right thing?

An order which, both as a subservient lackey of the ‘European Project…’



..and as an Open Borders fanatic, Le Muppet would quickly and contemptibly comply.

Unless, of course, he might slip the Rwandan rat aboard one of the bludger-boats, to be cheerfully despatched across the English Channel!