If You Want To Chip In For A Gal In Trouble With Idiots….

Go-Fund-Me is very selective in its readiness to help free speech.

But in this case, it sounds like this gal in Tunisia needs help!


Support Amina Chargui’s Fight for Free Speech

Amina Chargui, a 27-year-old Tunisian blogger was sentenced to six months in prison and 650$fine for sharing a Facebook Joke about COVID-19 written in Koran style. The young blogger shared the koranic parody entitled “COVIBD surah” on May 1st.
Three days later the blogger was summoned by the judicial police after which she was accused of violating article 6 of the Tunisian Constitution stating that the “sate protects religion and “the sacred”.
On July 14th, she was charged with “inciting hatred between religions for the use of hostile methods for violence” under article 52 of the press freedom law decree. Since the incident, Amina has been a target of a violent slander campaign and a torrent of rape and death threats on social media. Amina who worked as a waitress has been fired from her job.
Her landlord who fears for the security of his property should she stayed, also asked her to leave immediately. Left with major bills to pay, no job or a place to stay,
The Free Thinkers’ Association Inara has launched the fundraising drive to help Amina financially as she navigates this difficult time. All proceeds will go directly to Amina Chargui.
Any amount is greatly appreciated while her friends and Inara Association keep seeking for an alternative and safer plan for her.