Left Media Finally Won’t Ignore Left Hate-Crimes?

Not so long ago, the left media ( which basically means almost all the lousy hacks in the Western world) carefully colluded…


Young mother shot in head for saying ‘All Lives Matter’

‘This killing was reported so quietly that barely anyone even noticed’



….to suppress the horror story above!

But finally, it seems, even the Guardian – arguably the UK’s most left newspaper (though the tax-funded BBC is just as left, it’s not a newspaper!) – has felt obliged to report on a nasty murder which is quite likely exactly what their headline suggests.

Republicans say Milwaukee murder may be linked to support for Trump


So does this herald a new dawn of honest reporting among the pro-BLM scribblers?

I would dearly like to think so, but the way the same hacks are continuing to ignore the vicious attack in Portland….

…on a pro-Trump reporter this weekend, for which an Antifa pedo has been arrested, sadly makes me doubt it.

The victim in the Guardian story did display a pro-Trump sign, but he also allegedly had displayed a BLM sign.

So I suspect that poor murdered black man in Milwaukee has got his headlines ONLY because the left media are hoping there may be something in it for them later, to promote their own prejudices.


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