Reporter Stabbed, Antifa Pedo Arrested – BBC Covers It Up!

Antifa militant and convicted pedophile Blake David Hampe was arrested in the early hours of Saturday following his alleged stabbing of a black Trump supporter in Portland…

Antifa militant and convicted pedophile Blake David Hampe onthe left. The stabbing victim on the right.



Of course, and we send our best wishes to the victim, known as ‘Black Rebel.’

But when we read the above report, in a Canadian newspaper, sent to us on Sunday morning, we decided to wait till the BBC’s 9am bulletin, to see how much interest they’d show in this assault on a journalist not of their own ideological persuasion.



I checked the BBC website first.

I tried ‘stabbing,’ Portland,’ ‘Antifa,’ ‘Police.’

I tried the arrested extremist’s name.

I tried all those in various combinations.




The BBC usually makes a fuss if leftwing journos come to grief, even if it’s just a hack who gets the sack!

When a rightwing journo gets a knife in the ribs, does the BBC not consider it newsworthy?

I waited till 9am, BBC World News, 9am Jakarta time.


I sat through it all!

Top news, holiday-makers returning from Spain to UK quarantined. Then? All kinds of news.

A Chinese Virus spike in India. Fair enough.

Many people affected.

Then…a variety of international news, much time devoted to a ‘memorial service’ to a recently deceased leftwing Democrat congressman, and much attention to Poland, which has withdrawn from the notorious ‘Istanbul Convention…’Have You Even Heard Of The Istanbul Convention! which a ‘trans activist’ got to moan at length.

And then a long tribute to an American tv presenter who died of old age!   My sympathies to those thus bereaved.

Not a word about Portland, very unusual this month!

PS – the rest of the in-crowd media seem also to be in on the cover-up, but there’s nothing in doubt about the veracity of this shocking news – the link takes you to a video recording of the criminal assault.


Today’s lesson?

Never expect fair, honest or balanced journalism from UK Pravda!