Breaking…Oz BLM Demo Banned! Will They Now Defy The Law?

News just in – Australia court says demo ban in order!


Next time I have a gripe with my internet provider here in Jakarta…



…or don’t agree with how much of a discount I got for cheese slices in the supermarket, I will email President Jokowi.

Or a short sms, telling him if it’s not sorted pronto…



…I’ll summon all my pals and block the main road nearest his presidential palace.

Why should I not?

Well, mainly because I’d be in big trouble if I tried a stupid stunt like that!

More to the point, I’m not such an insolent upstart as that stroppy SOB in Australia….


Organiser Paul Silva says the health crisis has been used as an excuse to silence the movement. Picture: NCA Newswire/ Gaye Gerard

Paul Silva


…Paul Silva, who told the Guardian that –

The only way that’s going to stop this protest is if the premier calls Safe Work New South Wales and calls the Department of Public Prosecutions to undertake an investigation. Otherwise, we’ll continue to take to the streets, whether it be with 40 people, or 40,000 people.

Time the uppity clown got a slap-down!

Listen to his arrogant tirade!

The Australian government, NSW courts and NSW police should be very grateful that we’re not looting and rioting, like what’s happening in the US.”

Since when do democratic governments need to be ‘grateful’ to agitators for not ‘looting and rioting.’

If Silva and his BLM bums turned to looting and rioting, the governments, national and at state-level, would have the right (and one hopes they’d exercise that right) to give cops the green light to shoot looters and rioters down like the rabid dogs they are.



Aaah, but Silva says his mob are ‘committed to peaceful protests…we’re going to demand justice in a peaceful way until someone in government hears our voices and steps up to the table…’

So go see your MP!

Or your elected state representative!

That’s what normal Aussie folk do.

We’re going to make systemic changes for this and it’s got to happen sooner or later.”

No, it’s not ‘GOT’ to happen, Uppity.

As far as I can see, there’s much still to be said – maybe on both sides – and assembling a mass of fanatics to whom a single dissenting voice is a red rag to a herd of rabid racist bulls…

BLM Hate-Mob Enraged By Aussie ‘All Lives Matter’ Protest! NO WAY to present any rational argument, for or against how to handle Aboriginal crims when they are put behind bars.

No show without Punch!

We haven’t looked at Uppity’s lawyer yet.



Felicity Graham apparently was in rant mode too, insisting ‘yelling “Black Lives Matter” in a protest was more important to a democratic society than going to a football match….

Beg to differ, Ma’am!

‘Yelling’ is not an integral part of any democratic process.



Reasoned discussion is.

And taking to the street with a tantrum mob is not an acceptable response to not getting your own way in the discussion!

But on and on she rabbits!

“Going to the aquarium, going to sex-on-premises venues, going to football matches – these aren’t essential to our democracy,” Felicity Graham said.
….but at least one of those venues might ease the frustrations of various uptights!