Rats On The Run! No Excuse Now, Italy, For Failure To Deport!

Just watched Euronews at 3.45pm Jakarta time, and heard that in Italy not one but two batches of illegal aliens had ‘broken out’ of quarantine detention – nearly SEVEN HUNDRED crimmigrant scumbags, defying the law of the land they invaded.



That cur Conte, it’s reported, has ordered the army to intervene, not to operate an overdue ‘stop or be shot’ policy, but to police those recaptured until they are parcelled out to blight other blameless Italian communities all over the country.

These swine get ashore, then brazenly defy Italian law, putting everyone around them at risk of plague?


They are the plague!

What possible excuse does Conte have have for not chaining them together in warehouses or disused barns until an offshore container vessel is commandeered, to be filled with lawless parasites until it’s teeming with evil ingrates, ready to ship them back to Tunisia, whence they came.

More of this later.