Censor-Virus Spreads – Dirty Dorsey’s Now A MEDICAL Expert?!

We know why YouTube suppresses videos.


They are owned by Google and Google emphatically does NOT believe in affording the right of free expression to those whose opinions annoy the ruling elites…

…and whose arguments are too telling to be defeated in rational debate.

But what about Dirty Dorsey’s decision to suppress the views of a group of extremely reputable doctors on how to handle the Chinese Virus?



Footage of the livestream on Periscope, Twitter’s livestreaming platform, had generated 1 million views before being removed by the site.

Yes, he is far-left and intolerant too…Twitter Hypocrisy – Their Censors Green-Light Pro-Violence Hag!  ….but an additional reason has to be that Red China has effectively gained a seat on the Twitter board…

Twitter’s Lady In Red – Dorsey’s New Censoress? 

….and the Beijing Bullies do not like their henchman at the helm of WHO to face contradiction!

As for Zuckwit, who witters about freedom and fairness altogether too often for any of us to accept at face value such protestations as genuine….

Facebook’s Hate-Freaks – Exposed! 


…when we know how his bigoted minions excise whatever they can that dissents from their anti-nation ideology?

Well of COURSE those sleazy silencers applied themselves promptly to the task!



Footage on Facebook had accumulated over 17 million views within 8 hours and had 185,000 concurrent viewers at the time it was streamed. On YouTube, a clip from the event received 80,000 views before being removed by the platform for “violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”  


Even the most distinguished doctors never take exception if patients suggest seeking a second opinion.

There’s something downright creepy about Big Tech’s readiness to deny that right to millions in deference to an outfit run by a sometime communist who has never publicly repented his marxist ideology…


Xi Jinping (left), Tedros Adhanom (right). (Allan Rios illustration)

…nor expressed regret for his collaboration with the world’s largest and most aggressive totalitarian despotism.