Good Luck To Family Fighting Roselawn Discrimination!

Good luck to the ‘family denied access to Roselawn Cemetery’ when Belfast City Council pandered to vermin last month.

Surprise! Blood-Beast’s Got A Sense Of Humour!

Two IRA scumbags, one already burning in Hell,  the other, alas, still alive


Notorious IRA terrorist Bobby Storey’s ‘mourners’ were given preferential treatment and one of the eight families denied fair access to the same crematorium has now launched legal action…



…asking the ‘High Court to declare decisions taken by the council unlawful!

Case worker Glen Armstrong claimed the decisions were “irrational, unreasonable… his clients have been left “hurt and disillusioned“.

They’re annoyed, and rightly so, that they weren’t able to properly grieve for their loved one.

“They were made to stand there and wave goodbye, while on the very same day another family were given this unprecedented level of access.

It is not difficult to empathise and understand that,” he said.


And it would be true no matter who ‘another family’ might be.

But the family of a sub-human beast like Storey, who never repented his evil deeds?

The prattling priest who conducted the funeral should, had he any grasp of the distinction between right and wrong…



…have refused the swine a Christian service and ordered the ‘mourners’ to take the republican rat’s corpse and bury it in unhallowed ground…or at the city dump.

But the priest can answer for his sins when he meets his Maker!

Belfast City Council, in contrast, will have to face earthly justice and let’s hope the High Court will agree with Mr. Armstrong that the council’s decisions are “unlawful on the basis that they were discriminatory…”.

As you might expect, some anonymous flunkey at City Hall chose to skulk behind the ‘independent investigation’ set up by councillors, “therefore it would not be appropriate to comment further at this time.”