Dublin’s BLM Dim-Wits – Can’t Tell A Princess From A Slave-Girl!

Speaking of retard alerts….



…what’s to be said about the ‘statues of shame’ which BLM appeasement morons hauled down from the Shelburne Hotel, in Dublin, because they represented ‘slaves?’

Now we read that the statues are actually of princesses!


‘Slave-girl’ wearing golden bangles!


All four statues were voluntarily removed, with US real estate company and owners Kennedy Wilson eager to distance itself from any potential links to slavery and show solidarity with the anti-racism movement 




Pathetic pusillanimous plutocratic prigs!


Enter somebody of a different sort from the owners of that handsome old property, viz. somebody with a brain, namely Kyle Leyden, a lecturer from the University of London

His research indicates that the 19th century sculptor “did not intend them to be read as slaves…” 

“It was clear that the Egyptian statue at least was not in any way to be read as a slave. It was wearing a royal Egyptian headdress, which would indicate it was a princess,” he added.

Let’s hope the klutzy Kennedy Wilson crowd never have anything to do with the museum in Berlin which houses the iconic bust of Nefertiti.



Their dim-witted eagerness to engage in cultural vandalism in order to kow-tow to leftist scum could put many stupendous works of art at risk!

Leyden highlighted the fact the women are depicted in the statues wearing expensive garments, as opposed to slaves, who were traditionally depicted as naked in works from the period. 

“The Shelbourne statue is clothed in expensive striped silk and wears a golden headband,” he said.  


And the ‘manacles?’

They are simply bangles around the ankles of the statues,” he said. 


Now the appeasement asses who took the statues down may be in hot water with the Dublin City planners and the Irish Georgian Society.

Former environmental editor of The Irish Times Frank McDonald has also made a complaint to planners. He described the decision to remove the statues as the “importation of American cancel culture”. Mr McDonald said the statues had nothing to do with modern slavery. https://www.rte.ie/news/ireland/2020/0729/1156195-shelbourne-hotel/

If you want to tell Kennedy Wilson off, here’s the link- https://www.kennedywilson.com/contact

Grovelling to BLM hate-freaks is bad enough but when you take down the wrong statues?

I’m reminded of my favourite ‘Irish Joke…’

No, I think I told it before!