More BBC BLM Bias For Breakfast!

Somebody rang me at 7am today!



Not a good start to a day when I expected to sleep in till after 9am.

Nor, when I switched on the tv, did the day get better, a load of BBC propaganda against the police…

…and incredibly it began with a cctv video clearly showing a criminal on the run from the police, dashing into a shop and simultaneously shoving something into his mouth.

A policeman in hot pursuit entered the shop and the criminal, who would not come quietly but resisted arrest, was wrestled to the ground.

A good citizen joined in as the officer tried to open the criminal’s mouth.

In the course of the struggle, the criminal died, which was tough on the criminal but, if he had not run, not then resisted arrest, he’d not have died.

He had of course brought it on himself.

The smarmy Beeb bint narrating the scene chose throughout the section to use the criminal’s first name, as if the crim was a buddy of hers.

I’m not going to dignify her sycophancy by emulating it, though this seems to have become common BBC hackette policy.


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So much for impartial presentation.

Later on in the programme, various dodgy individuals, their identities concealed, so unavailable for cross-examination by anyone interested in defending the police, made allegations of ‘racist’ bias.

Again, this is BBC policy, as was shown an hour later today…



….with anonymous Afghans quoted in another BBC World News item, accusing British soldiers of murder!

Much of the BBC material focused on the undoubtedly true fact that proportionally more blacks get into trouble than whites.



This is very possibly due to the higher number of crimes they commit.

There were several more credible people interviewed who criticised the police, but the comments of one of them, a retired police officer, needed, in my view, to be heard in the context that he was identified as that cctv criminal’s uncle!

And the uncle’s attitude towards low-life criminals ( or at least his criminal kin) must be measured by his description of the criminal NOT as a criminal but as ‘a problem!

Of course, the entire tone of the BBC bint was anti-police and sympathetic to the criminal.



She showed us a photograph of the ‘problem’ nephew with his child and oozed that he was ‘a proud dad!’

At no time did she give us chapter and verse of the deceased’s criminal record.

It could be seen as ‘racist’ to suggest that the bint was biased because she was herself non-white, but I do not say, nor even think that!

Plenty of black people in Britain are honest citizens who support law and order!

What I do strongly suggest is that, like the members of the BBC’s horrid Coven, Maitlis, Barnett etc…

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…who are all white, she is a typical BBC news-person, who would not have been employed were she not carefully vetted to ensure she would approach news from a leftwing standpoint.