BBC Probes Online ‘Hate’ Sales – Ignores Marxist Merchandise!

One of the few BBC programmes I have found tolerable in recent months has been ‘Click.’

It’s harmless, often at least mildly interesting…



….and not studded with the sort of offensive leftist bias which the BBC Coven injects into the ‘news’ and much else of the tax-funded propaganda channel!

TFPC Tarts, Not All Ugly As Emma, But Just As Biased! 



An additional attraction has been its co-presenter, Lara Lewington, who is far prettier and more feminine than the Uglies of the Coven!


Lara Lewington.jpg
Lara Lewington


Then my opinion of the programme changed, last Thursday, at 12.30pm, Jakarta time!

My favourable impression ended abruptly, when, for no clear reason, it turned its undivided attention to a ‘tech’ expert, James Clayton by name…


James Clayton, BBC’s Silicon Valley correspondent


…who had been, again for no obvious reason, carrying out an investigation!

It seems the excuse for what followed was that Amazon and Google had been allowing online sales of ‘hate’ symbols.

Clayton put forward the view that since their busy-body bosses had acclaimed BLM, it was hypocritical to be selling any  ‘hateful’ merchandise.

Oh yeah?

Clearly Clayton is unaware that BLM is intrinsically a movement based on hate.

We got a brief glimpse of a Confederate flag, then clearer images of various badges and insignia of Keltic crosses.

None of those are ipso facto hate symbols of course, but using classic guilt by association, we soon got onto KKK hoods…



Wrong photo – that’s an Islamist demo here in Indonesia, but hate’s hate, after all!


…and ‘White Pride’ paraphernalia, ‘White Pride’ naturally deemed hateful, unlike, I suppose, ‘Black Power!’

Big deal.

After all, what do Amazon and Google also sell, but Che Guevara and Maoist Hammer and Sickle banners?



Yes, Amazon openly sells stuff that commemorates Castro’s psycho marxist Argie killer, and stuff that glorifies the world’s worst mass-murderer, Red China’s blood-thirsty creator, Mao.

FLAG China with Mao Zedong Flag 3′ x 5′ for a Pole – Chinese Communist Flags 90 x 150 cm – Banner 3×5 ft with Hole : Garden & Outdoor –
Che Guevara Revolution T Shirt: Clothing –
Communist Party Hammer and Sickle Fitted Jersey Tshirt: Home & Kitchen –
Buy Impact Communist Party Hammer and Sickle Fitted Jersey Tshirt: Shop top fashion brands T-Shirt


Clayton was rather pleased with himself!

Amazon have removed everything we showed them!’

So when will the BBC feature a shock-horror-drama show exposing the vast array of marxist evil available on Amazon?