‘Bandana Man’ – A Total Turn-Off? Keep It Up, Klutz!

‘I was a republican but have reverted to being a monarchist because of bandana man?..’


That’s a wrap: Republican grand poo-bah Peter FitzSimon opted for a more modest throne. Picture: Jane Dempster
Why does poor old, increasingly old, Peter still like playing pirates?


That’s the intro to a very enjoyable read in The Australian, and although I’ve never had any time for a grown man – well-advanced towards senior cit status – who still thinks it’s jolly to go about dressed as a pirate…



….it’s still hard to believe he is too much of a dim-wit to grasp that Australia DOES have a flag of its own…


Peter FitzSimons

Peter FitzSimons is a director of Ausflag, devoted to Australia having a flag of its own, with uniquely Australian symbols. He is also the chairman of the Australian Republican Movement.


…and while I know he’s the darling of the leftist Sydney Morning Herald, I had no idea so many other people find him a total turn-off too.

Like this appalled Australian!

“I was a republican but have reverted to being a monarchist largely because of red bandana man!”



So said one lady, named Lauren, in an informal survey of readers’ opinion.


Another reader, Hugh, deduced: “If the problem is not the Queen, who is universally respected, it must be FitzSimons, who isn’t.”

And an astute person called Michael was not amused:

“The ARM is led by a person who insults anyone who doesn’t agree with him and his morally superior views. Australia will never become a republic with people like FitzSimons telling us inferiors how to think.”

Well said, Michael, and your assessment of the klutz matches mine perfectly, as expressed in a previous post –

Amazingly, he had changed into a tux, and was addressing a bunch of hacks, ranting that there was only one side of the climate debate, the one he agreed with.

UK Tax-Funded Climate Talk-Shop? Will BOTH Sides Be Heard? 

Keep it up, Klutz!

The more you show everybody what a supercilious self-righteous dingbat you are, the more secure the monarchy will be!