‘Big Names?’ Big BLM Mouths Sing From BBC’s Song-Sheet!

The managerial Coven at the BBC must last night have over-indulged in whatever the contents of their cauldron might be.

After weeks of bringing one BLM fanatic voice after another into defenceless British TV viewers’ living rooms…

…they finally, buoyed up, no doubt, by the abject failure of the Johnson Government to do its duty and act against editorial abuse of UK citizens’ money, hoisted the bias banner high.

I was just about to turn in when, WHACK…


Broadcasting House, London

There has long been a little promo thing, boasting of how ‘when big names talk, they talk to the BBC.’

I even used it in a blog-post a year ago, when that actress Emma was quoted as part of the promo


Last night, the screen was suddenly filled with one bleating BLM blabber-mouth after another, including both the known criminal Floyd’s family lawyer, his brother, a woman named Bernice from the ‘King Centre,’ wherever that might be, and another woman, a mayor, named La Toya…



…one after another, none of whom I would rate as even a small name, never mind a ‘big name.’



Yet that, the droning BBC voice advised us, was what they were.

PS – oh, there was one I had heard of, that paranoid driver who panics when he sees a piece of rope!,

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