Home Invasion Thwarted! Good Neighbours Stop Seattle Savages!

“They were out here intimidating us

Black Lives Matter Protesters Swarm Seattle Police Chief's Home


But the suburban neighbours of Seattle’s police chief stood their ground against a menacing mob of ( mostly white!) BLM savages who were all set for a home invasion!

Without a doubt this evil rabble was comprised of Antifa Red Nazis…



….the sort of scum who abound in Seattle.

It’s a damn shame it was left to undoubtedly brave but untrained and mostly, probably, unarmed civilians to prevent a home invasion.

Incredibly, these outrageous antics are not even commonly condemned by those in public life – a ‘debate unfolded online Sunday night over whether protests against police brutality should include visits to public officials’ homes….



…and it’s apparently happened not once or twice, but often, with this exercise in intimidation only the ‘latest in a series of visits the demonstrations have paid to those who hold public power in Seattle, including City Council members and Mayor Jenny Durkan.’

Enough is surely enough!

Multiple posts that appeared to come from Best’s neighbors referred to protesters as “terrorists,” and at least one included a photo of a gun.

But the vilest of the vermin element is clearly unabashed.


Nikitta Oliver

Understand that white vigilantes and police are two sides of the same coin when it comes to state sanctioned violence against Black peoples,” read a tweet Sunday night from attorney, activist and former Seattle mayoral candidate Nikkita Oliver.

Better by far if armed officers in sufficient numbers had been on the scene..



…and better still if a sufficient number of the scumbags had challenged them and been put down, like the rabid curs they are.

The city’s top cop has in the past collaborated with the rancid leftists who run Seattle…


Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best

Disregard Left Lies – There’s Rape, Robbery In Antifa Zone! 


….but maybe she’s beginning to realise that their dilletante revolutionism has released demons they can no longer use for their own political advantage.

Or maybe not.