A New Low! EUObs Smears BLM Critic, Won’t Say What She Said!

A bit of a nothing story, which the Europhiliac EUObserver touts as an ‘Exclusive’ – Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to somewhere passed on a Facebook post to somebody else, and loads of pinkos are suddenly a-shrillng!

But for sheer low-class left-lib media unfairness, EUObs has plumbed the depths.

The guilty originator of the Facebook post ‘makes misleading claims about Floyd’s criminal past…’


or so we’re told.

But, since we all know Floyd had a long record of criminal activity…

BBC Actually MENTIONED The Martyr’s Criminal Record Last Night! 

….just like the other ‘martyr’ in Atlanta, it would be helpful, in evaluating the Facebook person’s ‘offence…’



…if EUObs had the common decency to say what they think was ‘misleading.’

Oh, and is it also ‘misleading’ when the naughty Facebooker ‘attacks US presidential candidate Joe Biden, describing the latter as suffering from “senile dementia” .’


Judge Sleepy Joe by the company he keeps!


The worst one can say about that accusation is that it might be mildly hyperbolic!

It also describes mourners at Floyd’s funeral as “kneeling idiots…”

It would be nice to know what the EUObs hack thought about Obummer’s exploitation of that funeral, his graceless effort to turn it into a Festival of Trumpophobia.

Since EUObs seeks to smear the Fb ‘culprit’ with an accusation of ‘racist undertones,’



…a reminder of Obummer’s own racist undertones would not have been out of place!

But EU Observer, as befits their sort of media, won’t tell us that, or let us even find out for ourselves what she ( it was a lady, it seems) actually did say that’s got so many pinko knickers in a twist.

The Facebook user, to which EUobserver has decided not to link..,

Aaah, suppression, the last resort of the rotten media!

..has around 130 followers on the social-media platform.

But despite EUObs gag-order, words getting out!

But her post about Floyd has been shared over 7,000 times since it first appeared on 7 June.

I must ask my pals who, unlike me, are not yet banned by Zuckwit’s Geekstapo,  to investigate!