Anti-Police Asses Outlaw ‘Kindergarten Cop!’

A week or so ago, President Trump’s rather cute media spokeswoman was subjected to abusive ridicule because she mistakenly said a kiddies’ fun police series had been targetted by leftists.

Big deal.

Arnold Schwarzenegger saat membintangi KINDAGARTEN KID tahun 1990 lalu. ©


But now that ‘mis-spoke’ side-show has been replaced by a shocking true-life censorship tale, Arnie Schwarzenegger’s funny old movie, “Kindergarten Cop” pulled from a cinematic anniversary in, guess where…


…Portland, Oregon!

Which Is More Hated By BLM? Their God Or Their Country? 

Yes, that Portland!

‘..following complaints!’

Pity the NW Film Center, bullied into submission by far-left kill-joys…

Event 6         Lois Leveen


….mobilised by an intolerant sticky-beak fanatic named Lois Leveen, who objects to the comedy film ‘romanticising over-policing in the US!!’

Read all about it here!

‘Kindergarten Cop’ scrapped from theater lineup following claim that it ‘romanticizes over-policing’

I am told she’s on Facebook.

Since she is devoid of any sense of humour, readers might wish to visit her page with witty comments.