Asia’s Next Top Model? A Grim Spectacle!

It never occurred to me that anyone could take a bunch of attractive, graceful young ladies and transform them into a spectacle of hideously scowling, frightfully made-up beings with their hair looking like they had just been electrocuted.

Having watched Asia’s Next Top Model on and off over the past couple of years…

Hurray, May! Adieu, Jessica – Another Night With Asia’s Next Top Model! 


May of Myanmar, one of my faves from yesteryear!

Asia’s Next Top Model…Could Well Be…May From Myanmar! 

I chanced upon this year’s on Fox Life last night, channel surfing to escape the boring choice of repeat movies on local tv, and was supremely disappointed.

Having the girls leap about aggressively as wrestlers/kick-boxers was a very unappealing plan, but maybe I’ll look in next week and see if there’s a more agreeable approach.

Too difficult to pick a fave in last night’s melee.

Who’s representing Indonesia!

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