Well-Spotted! Leftist Lebron’s Lousy Grammar Nailed!

What a joy to read the first sentences of an article about the far-left Un-American LeBron James this week, not because it’s a good article, though it is, but because it confront’s the dreadful man’s dreadful grammar!

While it is likely that NBA superstar LeBron James meant to say “we couldn’t care less” about President Trump saying he refuses to watch the NBA due to the league becoming a relentless social justice spectacle. Nonetheless, James made it clear that the president’s attention to the games is not a concern for him. 

LeBron James on Trump Refusing to Watch NBA Games: ‘We Could Care Less’



The BLM fanatic’s actual words –

“We could care less!”

– actually mean the opposite of what he presumably meant, that he is indifferent to the President’s views.

So good on the reporter who picked up on the grammatical lapse, which is very similar in kind to the double-negative usage, e.g.

“I don’t know nothing!’

– in which “don’t” and “nothing” cancel each other out, so that such an assertion means the very opposite of what the speaker likely intended to say.

By: Patrick Mate

‘What’s up, doc? You a beauty-school drop-out or what?’

Well done!


Let’s hope the full stop (US English, period) after ‘spectacle’ is in fact a typo!

It should be a comma, otherwise that first sentence is NOT a sentence at all!


However, in the circumstances, I am ready to overlook an error on the part of someone I know nothing else about.

LeBron James, whose actions and words I have read and heard about altogether too much, does not, alas, merit inclusion in the scope of my forgiveness.