A Petition All Decent Americans Should Sign!

No words of mine required!

We have now confirmed with independent medical experts that the push behind transgenderism has become so strong that teenage girls are actually able to go into Planned Parenthood and on the basis of their own self-diagnosis, sign an informed consent document and walk out that day with a regimen of testosterone to begin their gender “transition.”
This is truly shocking. With no independent medical examination, no prior therapy, no mental health evaluation, no physical exam and not even a required medical history, teenage girls are able to leave Planned Parenthood and other clinics with testosterone, a powerful hormone that has the potential to cause life-altering damage to their bodies.
Sign Our Petition To Stop Self-Diagnosed Transgenderism
Transgender activists cheer this potential. We at NOM believe this practice should be banned. Will you help us stop the practice of allowing people to get on powerful hormones or begin other invasive medical treatments for gender dysphoria without an independent diagnosis from a competent physician? Please sign our petition to President Trump and leaders of Congress to stop self-diagnosis of gender dysphoria.